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I grew up in a Russian/Mongolian/Eastern-European Lama Buddhist neighborhood in central NJ and became fascinated by the myriad tastes and smells there early on.  The first “exotic” dish I made was liver tsukudani when I about 12 after finding my first Japanese cookbook in the library.  Since then I’ve been  experimenting with all different kinds of food genres.  I’m a computer programmer by trade so I find cooking an excellent way to decompress after a grueling cerebral day.

My basic philosophy of cooking is that it must taste good, be easy to make, be “readily” available, and something I want to share with others.  I also believe you must think for yourself and adjust any recipe to fit your own tastes.  Often this means not strictly following a recipe.   A friend of mine, Calvin, said it best when describing one of his creations to his kids, “Enjoy it this time because next time it might be different”.

I also think of my mom’s Monday night mashed potatoes with her Tuesday night potato pancakes.  Don’t be boring or predictable and just reheat leftovers, re-imagine them. I actually hate leftovers for the most part.  They just are generally never as good as the first time around.  My general rule of thumb is if I can eat it cold afterward, then it probably is a good leftover.  If you ask Alton Brown it might be because the polarity of the protein might have changed direction or maybe the yin became yang, but since we have to eat, at least make it as enjoyable as possible.

My current favorite cooking shows are the BBC’s Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen, Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute Meals, Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers, Anjum Anand’s Indian Food Made Simple, Alton Brown’s Good Eats, and Poh’s Kitchen.  I definitely have an Asian-bent from living in Japan in college, but my ultimate comfort food is still my mom’s southern cooking from the hills of Tennessee.

This site is dedicated to sauces because simply by changing the sauce you have a new dish.

This site is really a place for me to store all my recipes and if it benefits you too, it’s an added pleasure for me.

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  1. Ron permalink

    Tried several they are very good, a couple we added a little thickener to but this was for personal preference I like u experiment with food and find a sauce or dip to complement changes the dish.

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